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About Us

Information About Doyosi LTD and Doyosi Script


DOYOSI LTD is registered in UK with company number 14377151. We are located at 71 - 75 Shelton Street, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ.


DOYOSI is an acronym of “Domain Yönetim Sistemi” in Turkish which means in English “Domain Managemenet System”.

It is a powerful script that allows their users to create great domain Marketplace with their domain portfolios. This script started to code in 2011 with first version. We started to sale on 2013 with v2 and still developing for new versions. Last was v6.

Owners can manage their domains expiring/dropping date, categorize them or list/unlist for sale.

It has lots of api support like paypal, stripe, onesignal, mailchimp, sendingrid, mailjet etc.

Also Doyosi system has an expiring domain module built-in. So users can add keywords and follow expiring domains via their dashboard.

Doyosi is a PHP script. It requires min. PHP 8.1, a complete php script. Not has encrypted files with any tools like ioncube. You can use it any popular hosting service but best will be a vds/vps.

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